Commercial Trap Survey Project

The Commercial Trap Study is currently only being done in LFA 33. The participating fishermen are required to record the same data as the Lobster Recruitment participants in a FSRS Lobster Recruitment Logbook. They are also required to complete a trap description sheet describing the commercial traps they are fishing. They do not need to provide as much information as with the recruitment traps

Unlike the fishermen participating in the Lobster Recruitment Index who must use specially designed traps and fish them in the same location throughout the year, Commercial Trap Survey participants use three (3) of their own commercial traps and fish them as they would regularly fish (move them daily if they prefer). They also do not need to record information regarding the depth, bait used, etc. as is needed for the recruitment study and simply have to provide the positions of each trap.

Previously this project was taken on by fishermen in other LFA’s but in recent years it is limited to all LR participants in LFA 33 as well as 1 in LFA 32.