The Team



Shannon Scott TibbettsShannon Scott Tibbetts

Director of Operations

Shannon Scott Tibbetts first became aware of the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society after completing her BSc in Aquaculture from the NSAC in 1998. (more)


Tricia PearoTricia Pearo Drew

Science Projects Manager

Currently on leave.

Tricia Pearo Drew is a Senior Fisheries Technician for the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society (FSRS). Prior to joining the FSRS team in September 2008, she was employed as a Fisheries Observer. (more)


Anne CheverieJessica Cosham

Senior Research Assistant

As a recent graduate, Jessica has been eager to start a career working on Canada's Atlantic Coast. Her first experience with local fisheries was while working as an at-sea observer, where she was able to see this sector in action and hear the stories of the fishermen (more)


Anne CheverieElizabeth Baker

Acting Science Projects Manager

Elizabeth has worked with the FSRS as a Fisheries Technician for three seasons.  She is excited to take on the role of Acting Science Projects Manager, and looks forward to the new learning experiences and challenges that will come along with it. (more)


FSRS Seasonal Staff


FSRS Summer Staff