Scientific Program Committee

Structure and Terms of Reference

  • Target # of Members - 18 (including chair). The goal will be to maintain a balance of fishermen and scientists. For fishermen, strive to have representation from each geographic area.
  • Term - 2 years. For continuity, have half change each year so that each year there are nine new and nine old committee members (based on availability of people to replace them).
  • Anyone not participating on a regular basis will be contacted by the chair and future membership on the committee will be discussed.
  • Working groups will be established to develop certain projects. The sub-committee will be appointed from the main committee, and/or from a list of interested FSRS members, and occasionally non-members when deemed necessary for their expertise.
  • The committee will meet four times per year, or more often if required. Meeting schedule: April or May, August or September, November and January.

What do we do?

  • review proposals for scientific merit and value to fishermen and acceptability to communities
  • flushing out proposals and figure out how to implement
  • avenue for fishermen to implement projects
  • seek ideas of interest to members
  • project updates
  • maintain and communicate an inventory of FSRS assets available for use in projects, including equipment, vessels, personnel, what data sets we have, etc. (eg: current assets are minilogs, CTD’s, scales, measuring boards, members’ vessels - need to determine who/when willing to volunteer time and vessel and who/when need expenses paid, for example up to half a day will volunteer use of vessel, over that need to be paid for fuel and other expenses, and what the rates would be). This will be useful in soliciting project proposals, for example from Dalhousie University.
  • develop guidelines for reviewing and approving project proposals (ie: if we ever have a project fund available, what type of projects will we look at).