Communication Committee

Terms of Reference

  • A communications strategy for the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society (FSRS) which will target five groups:
    • Fishermen
    • Scientists
    • Politicians/Power Brokers
    • Students/Teachers
    • General Public
  • The strategy will be an evolving document. 
  • The strategy will include, at a minimum, a quarterly newsletter (Hook, Line and Thinker), an annual conference and a website.
  • The strategy will utilize conventional and social media.
  • Inform the target audiences on the work being done by fishermen and scientists working together to promote the sustainability of our marine fisheries resources.

Committee Structure

  • Target # of Members - 10 (including chair).  The committee will include fishermen and scientist members and other members with communications expertise. 
  • Term - There is currently no limit on the length of a committee member’s term.  Limits on term length will be revisited once the committee is more established. 
  • Anyone not participating on a regular basis will be contacted by the chair and future membership on the committee will be discussed.
  • The committee will meet three times per year, or more often if required. 
  • The committee will report to the Board of Directors and make recommendations based on consensus.