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Board of Directors
and Committees

FSRS Board of Directors

FSRS is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. In accordance with our by-laws, an election must be held to replace those Board members whose term expires in the current year; the incumbent members may stand for re-election. Participation on the Board of Directors is one of the ways to help shape FSRS’s contribution in sustainability of marine resourses in Canada. Board members are expected to participate in meetings/ teleconferences as required, and to attend an annual meeting. To serve on the Board, a candidate must be a FSRS member in good standing, and must be at least 18 years of age.

Name Position

Ken Snow


Winfred (Jr) Risser

Vice President

Jean Lavallée


Peter Hurley


Bill Bond


Hubert Boutlier


Fraser Clark


Randy Boutilier


Arthur Richardson


Courtenay Parlee


Josh Fricker


Angelica Silva

Director ( non voting)

Michael Sinclair



Communications Committee

Structure and Terms of Reference Communication Committee

  • Magali Grégoire (Chair)
  • Randy Baker
  • Josh Fricker
  • Jennifer Hackett (non-voting)
  • Peter Hurley (non-voting)
  • Jean Lavallee
  • Tricia Pearo Drew
  • Shannon Scott-Tibbetts
  • Angelica Silva (non-voting)

Scientific Program Committee

Structure and Terms of Reference Scientific Program Committee

  • Angelica Silva (Chair) (non-voting)
  • William Bond
  • Hubert Boutilier
  • Peter Burgess
  • Manon Cassista-DaRos (non-voting)
  • Sarah Delorey
  • Adam Drozdowski (non-voting)
  • R. Joshua Fricker
  • Garnet Heisler
  • Tanya Koropatrick (non-voting)
  • Craig Nickerson
  • Shannon Scott-Tibbetts
  • Wilford Smith
  • Ken Snow
  • Sarah Stewart-Clarke

Groundfish Working Group

The Groundfish Working Group is a sub-committee of the Scientific Program Committee and is responsible for the development and review of groundfish projects, including the 4VsW Sentinel Monitoring Project, Condition Sampling Project, etc.

  • Blair Baker
  • Hubert Boutilier
  • Robert Courtney
  • Josh Fricker
  • Patrick Gray
  • Donny Hart
  • Robert Henneberry
  • Peter Hurley (non-voting)
  • Bill MacEachern (non-voting)
  • Bob Mohn (non-voting)
  • Shannon Scott-Tibbetts

Nearshore Temperature Monitoring Project Working Group

  • Shannon Scott-Tibbetts (Chair)
  • Randy Boutilier
  • David Brickman (non-voting)
  • Veronika Brzeski
  • Sarah Delorey
  • Adam Drozdowski (non-voting)
  • David Ferguson
  • Hugh Fraser
  • Francois Grégoire (non-voting)
  • Marthe Haarr
  • Robert MacKinnon
  • Jim Manning
  • Rodney Manthorne
  • Ru Morrison
  • Rémy Rochette
  • Vitalii Sheremet
  • Wilford Smith
  • Ken Snow
  • Kevin Squires
  • Heath Stone (non-voting)
  • Michelle Theriault
  • Elliott Thomas
  • Christine Tilburg
  • John Tremblay (non-voting)