One of the FSRS's primary objectives is to facilitate and promote effective communication between fishermen, scientists, and the general public.  With a view to advancing communication between these stakeholders and increasing fishermen’s participation in fisheries science, the FSRS has undertaken a number of initiatives since its inception, including, to mention just a few:

  • A newsletter entitled 'Hook Line and Thinker' is sent to over 1100 subscribers internationally which details FSRS activities, results of FSRS research projects, articles about research of other organizations, general information articles, schedules of events, etc.
  • In 1999 the FSRS set up a web site (http\\ which provides information on the objectives of the Society, its research projects, and events, as well as many valuable links to other marine related web sites.
  • Participates in exhibits that display and communicate the FSRS's collaborative research projects.
  • Organises well attended annual conferences with workshop sessions on a wide range of topics.  Topics have included:  Spawning Behaviour of Atlantic Cod, Growth and Maturity of 4VW Haddock, Results of Study on Feeding Behaviour of Cod During Spawning, Finfish Tagging, Sources of Fisheries Science Information, FSRS Lobster Projects Results, Grey Seal Research, Enhanced Fish Diet Collection Project, Climate Change and Its Impact on Fisheries, and Inshore Ecosystem Research Project Results, to name just a few.
  • Provides training for scientists on how to make presentations, both orally and in writing, that fishermen can understand, thus helping to improve communication between fishermen and scientists.
  • Implemented an annual award for outstanding achievement in the NS Department of Educations Oceans 11 Program, which is presented to a student in each of the schools in Nova Scotia which offer the program.