The Team

Elizabeth BakerElizabeth Baker - Acting Science Projects Manager

Elizabeth has worked with the FSRS as a Fisheries Technician for three seasons.  She is excited to take on the role of Acting Science Projects Manager, and looks forward to the new learning experiences and challenges that will come along with it.
She grew up in Jeddore on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia with the fishing industry in her backyard. Her interest in the fisheries were sparked through listening to stories from her family about being on the water and earning their livelihoods from the ocean. This interest led her to complete her Bachelor of Science, followed by a Masters in Marine Management at Dalhousie University. Her graduate research focused on the participation of fishermen in fisheries management, and ways that this could be improved. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue working with the FSRS, and looks forward to working with all of you on both old and new projects.


Jessica CoshamJessica Cosham - Research Assistant

As a recent graduate, Jessica has been eager to start a career working on Canada's Atlantic Coast. Her first experience with local fisheries was while working as an at-sea observer, where she was able to see this sector in action and hear the stories of the fishermen. This was a great chance to learn about the knowledge of the people she was on board with. Soon afterwards she began school at Dalhousie University, where she completed a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies that focused on scientific and local (fishermen) knowledge of green crab. It was while at Dalhousie that she first heard about the FSRS and the great projects they were involved in, and she soon became involved through their annual conferences and their newsletter. Jessica also worked with other fishery organizations during this time, such as the LFA 27 Management Board. Outside of work she likes to keep busy drawing, reading, baking and playing board games with friends and family. She also loves nature and being outdoors biking, kayaking, hiking, and much more.


Tricia PearoTricia Pearo Drew- Science Projects Manager

Tricia Pearo Drew is the Science Projects Manager for the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society (FSRS). Prior to joining the FSRS team in September 2008, she was employed as a Fisheries Observer, where she developed her passion for the fishing industry and the ocean.  Tricia is responsible for training FSRS technicians for various lobster projects and leads the FSRS team in the collaborative FSRS-DFO Lobster Collector project. She also collects biological data both at sea and on shore from various species such as lobster, cod, mackerel and herring.  In addition to data collection, Tricia assists the FSRS Research Biologist with the preparation of results for the Lobster Recruitment project and the 4VsW Sentinel Program. Tricia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Mount Saint Vincent University.


Shannon Scott TibbettsShannon Scott Tibbetts - Director of Operations

Shannon Scott Tibbetts first became aware of the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society after completing her BSc in Aquaculture from the NSAC in 1998. She began on a volunteer basis and welcomed the opportunity to join the team once a position became available. She began her career with the FSRS as a lab technician working on the 4VsW Sentinel Project in 1998 and has gradually gained more responsibility until reaching her current position as Research Biologist. She has a background in biology with a BSC in Biology from Dalhousie University (1993), and a keen interest in science and marine science in particular. Shannon is a full time mother of two growing boys and enjoys spending time outdoors with them and her husband; an animal nutritionist.